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Test Automation

Effective testing of software systems is often a casualty as firms rush to go live in the shortest possible time frame or look to conserve budgets. Test automation helps reduce manual testing and accelerates regression testing. It also eliminates risks associated with human error

We enable you to :

  • Define test automation frameworks to automate testing of all systems in a business process
  • Implement test automation frameworks to automate all test cases
  • Migrate test automation tools from platform A to platform B
  • Script automated test scripts to generate automated test scripts – QTP / Win runner / Rational Robot

Our Framework

Modelers enable definition of business processes and validation rules by the testers in a graphical format or in an English-like language to address migration concerns and reduce the test cycle.
Script generators create test scripts at the click of a button, reducing effort by 50%–70%. Test document generators generate readable test documentation, reducing effort by about 60%.
Libraries enable the reuse of functions, test scenarios, and collections of user actions, which result in reduced effort.
Adapters enable test automation for specific technology platforms and products like SAP, Retek and SOA.

K2hub QA and Testing Services

Lifecycle Testing

  • System Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Test Automation

  • Automation Feasibility Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Automation Suite Development & Execution

Device Testing

  • Application Testing
  • Hardware Testing
  • Firmware Testing
  • O/S Testing
  • WiFi Testing

Emerging Trends Testing

  • COTS Validation
  • Mobility Testing
  • Upgrade Testing
  • SAP Testing

Performance Validation

  • Performance Testing
  • Performance Benchmarking

Specialized Testing

  • BI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test CoE Setup